Consumer alert – Big Bazaar -Tampering label and Selling Expired products

Food Business Operator : Big Bazaar (Retailer)

Place : Vishranthwadi, Pune

Product : Amul Ghee

Issue : Tampering the original label and affixing new label extending expiry date and revising MRP

Consumer complaint : As posted by Ashu Mandelia in on Dec 16th

Bigbazaar Vishrantwadi, Pune branch is selling expired products by hiding Manufacturing Date and MRP sections.
On 15th Dec 2016, I purchased 5Ltrs Tin of Amul Ghee from BB.
They hid the manufacturing date of 11-Dec-2015 and MRP. Rs. 1925 (ROI) with a plain white sticker and put up a separate bar code at the side of the can with MRP Rs. 1952.00
I only got to know about this cheating And threat to health n life when I removed the white sticker from the base.
Attached is the photo of bill and can for your reference.

Complaint Status

[Dec 16, 2016] Big Bazaar / FutureBazaar / Future Retail / HomeTown customer support has been notified about the posted complaint/
PESPRO Comments

Tampering the original label with a new label for extending the expiry date and manipulating MRP is a serious issue . This needs to be brought to the notice of the manufacturer (in this case Amul ) and Food Safety Dept, Pune.


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