Carbide free Bananas in Bengal

Keventer Agro has set up two banana ripening centres with an investment of Rs 154 crore to flood markets with carbide free ripened plantains in West Bengal. Traditionally most of the bananas , available in the local markets, are ripened either with Calcium Carbide or Ethephon , which are very harmful for health, even may lead to cancer as both the chemicals are carcinogenic. However, Keventer has taken initiative for supplying bananas ripened with ‘Ethylene’, which is approved by the Food Safety Standard Authority of India (FSSAI), a recognised body of the Government, as the best method for ripening bananas which causes no harm to health, according to a company statement. Keventer sell about 3.5 lakh pieces daily, about 50 metric tonnes bananas every day all over West Bengal from its two centres located inBarasat and Siliguri. Keventer’s banana ripening centre at Barasat, North 24 Parganas, was et up with an expenditure of about Rs 50 crores and in Siliguri withcost of Rs 104 crore.Since the Identification of safe bananas from the market has become very difficult for the common people, Keventer brands its bananas with the stickers and also has a mascot, named “Keven”. Their stickers are range from the functional (highlighting the carbide –free aspect) to the fun (with different appearances of mascots at the time of Pujas, Sports etc.).


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