TN: Milk to be tested for quality

In a move to ensure clean and safe milk to the public, Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has decided to lift samples of raw milk from various levels of the supply chain. Food safety officials said that the samples of milk will be collected raw, without adding any preservative, to clinically analyse the presence of micro organisms and adulterants.

The sample collection is done as part of the milk quality survey conducted by FSSAI nation wide.

Officials said that the survey will assess whether unsafe or adulterated milk is sold in the market. 

“In normal cases, formalin is added as preservative to a sample for laboratory examinations. By adding the preservative, there is high chance for damage of micro organisms in the sample. Hence, the milk samples lifted for the survey will be raw to study about the micro organisms,” said O.L.S. Vijay, Designated Officer of FSSAI, Coimbatore.

The survey is being carried out in 120 cities across the country covering all the States and Union Territories.

While over 1,700 samples is lifted across the country, FSSAI will collect 12 samples From Coimbatore. The collected samples will be tested for fat, SNF content, and 13 common adulterants. For picking samples, same guidelines will be followed all over the country. The laboratories where the samples are tested will also follow common testing protocol given by FSSAI.

“The milk samples will be collected from chilling plants and dairy units. Samples will not be lifted directly from farmers. The results of the laboratory analysis will be sent to FSSAI headquarters,” said Mr. Vijay.


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