Cross contamination to be checked

In a first of its kind, Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) will collect samples from 36 food and beverages manufacturing units in Coimbatore as part of a nation-wide project to study possible cross contamination from packing materials.

The study is conducted by Indian Institute of Packaging (IIP), an autonomous body in the field of packaging operated under Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

FSSAI officials said that the prime objective of the sample collection is to conduct the study on possible chances of contamination packaging materials like paper, plastic and glass bottles. They said that the samples will be collected by team comprising experts from IIP and food safety officers.

 “Food safety officials from Chennai, Coimbatore, and Trichy units had attended a training provided by IIP ahead of the study which is being done for the first time here. The list of 36 food and beverages manufacturing units was provided by IIP,” said O.L.S. Vijay, Designated Officer of FSSAI, Coimbatore.

The 36 companies from which samples of packaging materials to be collected from Coimbatore are engaged in the manufacturing of beer, butter, ghee, biscuit, carbonated beverages, cheese, chocolate, fruit juice, honey, ice cream, jams, ketchup, milk, pickle, whiskey, and wine.

The IIP project will collect samples from 240 food and beverages manufacturing units from Tamil Nadu. At the national level, the sample size 2,500. Mr. Vijay said that sample collection has already been done in Chennai and the IIP team is expected to reach Coimbatore soon. The team will collect the samples assisted by food safety officers in three to four days.

“There can be chances of cross contamination from packaging materials over a period when kept in stock. FSSAI is following IIP guidelines for the study,” said Mr. Vijay.


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