Consumer alert – Aashirvaad Select Aatta – Poor quality

Food Business Operator : ITC Ltd

Place : UAE

Product : Aashirvaad Aatta

Issue : Poor quality

Consumer complaint :  As posted in by fsheikh on Dec 4th

We have been using the Aashirvaad select aata for many years now and can easily identify the difference from the good aata and the bad aata. We brought three bags of the same aata recently and when we opened the first bag we found that its way too smooth and has maida mixed in it since when we kneeded the dough it was way too sticky and unmanageable…the rotis werent as good as well because the aata had maida mixed in it. After this got over we opened another pack and that was perfect aata which we have been using for years – easy to kneed and rotis come out perfect.
We are are NRI’s living in the UAE and we noticed how all bags of Aashirvaad Select are not of the same good quality. Please pay heed to all the mixing of maida that you have resorted to, because Customers can make out the difference between whole wheat and maida mix!

Complaint Status

[Dec 04, 2016] ITC customer support has been notified about the posted complaint.
Customer Satisfaction Rating : 3%
Complaints : 95, Resolved : 2

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