Consumer alert – ITC – Insects in food product

Food Business Operator : ITC Ltd (Manufacturer)

Place : Mumbai City

Issue : Insect in food product (Picture as posted by the consumer)

Insect found in foodInsect found in foodInsect found in food

Consumer complaint : As posted by jasimshaikh on Nov 30th in

Name Jasim shaikh
mob :+91-7039657003

Regretting to inform that an insect was found in your product
It was disgrace and insulting for me as this was found by my myself (while i was having Dinner )

i want an action to be taken and a compensation to be given to me.

I’ve attached the pictures for your reference.
I strongly recommend you to revert ASAP


Complaint Status

[Nov 30, 2016] ITC customer support has been notified about the posted complaint.

 Customer Satisfaction Rating : 3 %

Complaints : 94, Resolved : 2

 PESPRO Comments :

Presence of insects in food product clearly shows the manufacturer / stockist / dealer has not followed Good Hygiene Practices in storing the product till it is consumed .Response of manufacturer (is 3% as posted in this site) will be to get the problematic product from the consumer so as to prevent further action on them. They will not respond to the post published here. Consumer is advised to file complaint with District Designated Officer (Food Safety) for regulatory action.


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