Consumer alert – Complaints on PayTM Mobile Solutions updates

PayTM Mobile Solutions

1. Refund of Rs 222; 1 week over and still waiting

As posted in by Priyad S on Dec 3 – 2016

I made a transaction of Rs 222 on 24th nov 6pm. It was a app issue and it could not be processed. Refund was initiated that day itself and still unprocessed.

I got a reply from Customer care 3 days back saying “Dear Customer

We apologise for any inconvenience… We have seen an overwhelming surge in usage and queries which has led to this delay.

In case your transaction at Paytm was unsuccessful, you should have got the refund for same. For the successful transactions, you would have already got the benefits.

However, in case your problem is still not solved, please reply to us on this mail and we will ensure that we solve your problem on priority.

Thank you for your continued trust in us.”

2. Amount has been deducted but not processed

As posted in on Dec 3 -2016

Dear Paytm

Day before yesterday i did a TataSky recharge of Rs 940, the transaction has been done on paytm end and amount also has been deducted from Bank but it still showing “PROCESSING”, i lodged a complaint yesterday and complain no. is as follows .Yesterday again i did a recharge and yesterday’s transaction has been done from paytm end as well as Tata sky end .

I want to cancel my day before yesterday transaction and want my refund .

Order Id: 2299433669
Amount : Rs 940
Complain No.(Refrence No.) : 11437164

Please refund my amount as soon as possible .

Thanks & Regards
Somdev Goyal

3. Recharge  pending, but amount deducted

As posted in consumercomplaints by Amith More on Dec 3-2016

On Dec 1 2016 at 8:29 pm I have recharged a amount of 60 in my airtel number. The recharge is still processing and the amount has been deducted from my bank account. I want to cancel this recharge but there is no option of cancel order. I have mailed customer care of paytm but didn’t get any hopeful reply. My order no. is 2299452535. Please refund me the amount and cancel this order as I don’t want to do this transaction now. look into this because I am sending mails from last 2 days.

4. Debited the amount 3 times , even then i had to book thro axis debit card

As posted in by Mahesh Raju on Dec 3 -2016

The amount of 334.48 * 3 times = 1003.44 debited for the same tickets which were booked thro axis bank debit card ( as paytm system showed as error in transaction) . I am supposed to get back the amount of 1003.44, but very irresponsible reply from their customer care saying that we have booked the tickets .

What a shame, that a company giving FALSE CLAIMS and cheating customers .

I am going to complain to RBI and other government agencies about how Paytm is cheating people .

Mahesh Raju

Customer Satisfaction Rating : 4 %

Complaints : 7755, Resolved : 236


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