Dead rat found in food : Students boycott college mess


AHMEDABAD: Students of CN Fine Arts College in Ambawadi boycotted the mess after a dead rat was found in their food last week. Since the past three days, the students have not eaten at the hostel mess. They alleged that despite several complaints regarding the quality of food at the institute, no action has been initiated.
“In the recent past we have registered four complaints about the deteriorating quality of food at the mess. However, there has been no improvement and neither has any action been taken by the authorities. We have also found cockroaches in our food,” said a student on the condition of anonymity.
“Eating outside everyday is a costly affair and not all of us can afford it. What is the point of paying Rs18,000 fees for our lodging and meals if we are not served decent quality food,” he added.
Students have taken up the matter with rector of the hostel as well as the director of the institute. Commenting on the matter, Rajendrasinh Jadeja, director, CN Fine Arts College, said, “We have received the complaint and this is a serious issue. We have made necessary arrangements and taken measures to ensure that such an incident does not recur in future.”

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