Ill Effects of Junk Food

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Junk Food consumption is increasingly becoming very common especially in teenagers and children and it is leading to an epidemic which is now labelled as JUNK FOOD SYNDROME.

It is very dreadful disease which leads to early onset diabetes.hypertension, behavioural problems, addiction etc

Preservatives and mono saturated fatty acids in these foods lead to many metabolic disorders.

Excessive intake has shown to have chemical changes in brain similar to what is seen in drug abusers!!

Overall junk food are habit forming and lead to obesity and mal nourishment. These food items also cause constipation, urinary problems, renal stones and inflammation of intestine.

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One should avoid junk food intake at any cost….atleast dont make it a habit.

There should be warning on packaging regarding the side effects and we should try to convince people about untoward effects of junk food.



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