‘Your food should be your medicine’- Nutritionist

Nagpur: “Your food should be your medicine and not the other way round”, said Renuka Mainde, consulting nutritionist at Mahindra and Mahindra Company. Mainde, also a visiting faculty at LAD college, was speaking on ‘Nutrition and Wellness’ at Indira Gandhi National Open University (Ignou) on Friday.

Mainde also said that according to the latest data from the union health ministry, India will be the number one country in CAD diabetes cases by 2025. “Generally, diabetes is a disease that happens after the age of 40 or 50. However, these days we see that youngsters are diagnosed with diabetes. The main reason for this is alcohol abuse, smoking and unhealthy eating habits,” she added.

Nowadays people have their meals while talking on the phone or watching television. So, how are they going to get proper nutrition? People are also accepting junk food and street food. Instead of that people should include seasonal vegetable and fruits into their diets,” she said.

People should consult a physician and not listen to any random advise on diets, she added
Mainde suggested that drinking two to three litres water daily and avoiding the use of sunflower and safflower oil for cooking would be beneficial for health. Adding that Amla which contains helps in improving immunity.
D Seshadri, section officer, IGNOU said that this seminar will affect their health strongly. He added that it was the need of the hour to know about such foods and fruits which were useful and harmful for their health.


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