Food Safety News – India updates – Nov -20


22 milk samples collected for quality check

GUWAHATI: The ongoing special drive in response to the direction of the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India(FSSAI) to check the quality of milk consumed by the people, has so far garnered 22 samples from both the organized and unorganized sectors.
The state-run milk cooperative societies and milkmen or vendors were the key areas for the collection drive, which was launched on November 11. The samples will be analysed in Delhi. In the coming days, food safety officers will collect more samples from milk producers and retailers.
Last week, a state-level steering committee for monitoring and evaluating the National Milk Survey was constituted. The survey is part of a nationwide effort to monitor and evaluate the quality of milk consumed by the people. Over 1,500 samples will be collected from different cities to check the quality.
On November 4, the first meeting of the steering committee was held as per the FSSAI instructions and it was decided that a survey of the milk sold in the city would be conducted. Various complaints from consumers about the quality of the milk sold to them had necessitated this study on the quality. “We want to know if the quality of milk sold in the city is good and if there is any adulteration. The samples have been sent and the results will be out soon,” said an official.
While a section of consumers get their requirements of milk and milk-based products like cottage cheese from private shops, others prefer to get them from those who keep cows or milk cooperatives. Diluting milk with water to increase the quantity is a regular practice. Other forms of adulteration include mixing of detergents which can be very harmful for health. Starch and skimmed milk powderare also added.

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