Food Safety News – India updates – Nov 18




Authorities raid kiosks near GMC

Panaji: Raids conducted in the vicinity of the Goa Medical College and Hospital (GMC), Bambolim, recently unearthed a huge consignment of cigarettes, beedis and tobacco being sold at kiosks outside the state’s premier healthcare institute.
The Cigarette and Other Tobacco Products Act (COTPA) prohibits the sale of tobacco products within a radius of 100 yards of any educational institution.
The raids were conducted by the Tiswadi taluka enforcement squad for COTPA, 2003. Inspections were carried out by joint mamlatdars, FDA officers and GOACAN members in the presence of police personnel. Three cases under Section 6 of the Act and 10 under Section 4 were booked. Fines of 2,600 were collected, while 500 pouches of scented tobacco and a large number of Indian and foreign cigarette packs without proper pictorial warnings were seized.
Of the 14 kiosks that were inspected, five were found to be unlicensed.
A total of 48 sandwiches and 10 burgers were confiscated by food safety officers as they were found to be lacking proper, labelled declarations.

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