Consumer alert – Patanjali Ayurved – Rose Sharbat – Tastes like medicine


Food Business Operator : Patanjali Ayurved

Product : Rose Sherbat

Image result for Patanjali Ayurved - Rose Sherbath

Issue : Tastes like medicine

Consumer complaint : As posted in by Anagha Samant on Nov 16th

To begin with, it is not a ROSE sherbat. Its sodium benzoate with sugar. Tastes like medicine. I specifically ask the girls manning the counter for Sherbat to be served for the guests & they handed me this.
I bought 5 bottles & was embarrassed in front of my guests.
I used only 2 bottles & the other 3 i wish to return & hence i am sending this mail out.

Its very disappointing to get such an experience from Patanjali. This is one company our country should be proud of, but if these guys are selling Sodium Benzoate with sugar water & color, GOD bless them & GOD bless us. I want a refund for the 3 bottles returned on an urgent basis.
This purchase was made at the Patanjali outlet at VeenaNagar, Mulund W on Saturday, the 12th of November.

please get in touch on 8652275305.


Anagha Samant

Complaint Status

[Nov 16, 2016] Patanjali Ayurved customer support has been notified about the posted complaint.
Customer Satisfaction Rating : 7%
Complaints : 365, Resolved : 25
PESPRO Comments :
Consumer can return the product to the retailer and get refund. He/she can raise their concern to Customer care team of Patanjali Ayurved. Consumer can also file complaint with Food Safety Dept if he feels the product ingredients are doubtful which may require testing.

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