Consumer alert – SRS Value Bazaar, Ghaziabad – Sale of spurious / expired food – Nestle Milkmaid

Food Business Operator : Nestle India (Manufacturer),SRS Value Bazaar (Retailer)

Place : Ghaziabad

Product : Nestle Milkmaid

Issue : Expired product sale , on consuming food poisoning

Sale of spurious/expired food itemSale of spurious/expired food itemSale of spurious/expired food item

Consumer complaint : As posted in by Pravin Kulshrestha on Nov 14 with pics

I am a retired senior executive from a PSU. I purchased certain items from SRS Crossings Republik Ghaziabad on 30th October 2016 including a tin of Nestle Milkmaid. We opened the tin on 3rd November & my grand daughter licked it & soon after she felt giddiness and vomited. Then we checked the expiry date. We were shocked to note that the packing date was mentioned as SEPTEMBER 2014 & it was fit for consumption up to 9 months only from packing date. This is one part of the story. When we approached SRS store & took up the issue with their ASM (Asstt. Stall Manager) Mr. Vineet Kumar, he treated me very badly. First he refused to accept my version. Since I had the product with me & barcode was available, I asked him to verify the stock record to confirm if it was sold by SRS to me or not. The bill 102288 dated 30th October. Even though it was confirmed that the said product was sold by SRS store, Mr. Vineet refused to resolve the issue. His behaviour was very rough & unprofessional. I am senior citizen but he refused to take back & replace the product. I have three issues with SRS Value Bazaar namely 1. Sale of expired goods & playing with the health of consumers. 2. Not accepting the fault even if it proved by documents/records. 3. Rude behavior of SRS staff, particularly that of Mr. Vineet Kumar, ASM who behaved with me in a rude manner & insulting me by using foul language. The matter would have ended had the product was changed after accepting mistake. I am bringing this incident to your knowledge with the hope that an appropriate step will be initiated by you or else I would be compelled to take the issue further by reporting the entire matter to Consumer Court, the media including press & TV & the food department for compensation of grand daughter’s illness, mental agony, harassment & monetary loss. Thanks.

Pravin Kulshreshtha


Complaint Status

[Nov 14, 2016] SRS Value Bazaar customer support has been notified about the posted complaint.
PESPRO Comments
It is the responsibility of the manufacturer ie. Nestle India to monitor their stocks available with the retailers and recall the expired products . It is also the responsibility of the retail dealer to take off from the shelves any food products nearing expiry / expired. Consumer also should also read the label before purchasing the product and he would have avoided the food poisoning . Consumer can represent his case for the lapses against Manufacturer and Retailer with Food Safety Dept for regulatory action and Consumer Court for claiming damages.



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