FSSAI releases Proforma for issuing ante and post mortem fitness certificates

In October 2016 the Animal Welfare Board of India had written to the FSSAI and enclosed the proforma for ante and post mortem fitness certificate so Slaughter Houses licensed by FSSAI may comply. This proforma will be issued by a veterinary doctor after examining the animal before and after slaughter as per rule 4(3) of the Prevention of Cruelty to animals (Slaughter House) Rules 2001.

The provision for ante and post mortem inspection has been specified in the Schedule IV Part IV of the FSS (Licensing and Registration of Food Businesses) Regulation 2011. FBOs engaged in the manufacture, processing, storing and selling of meat and meat products need to follow the Specific Hygienic and Sanitary Practices.

The FSSAI has forwarded the request of the Animal Welfare Board of India to the Central Licensing Authorities and Food Safety Commissioners of all states and Union Territories through an order dated 7 November 2016. All animals will undergo inspections as per proforma from henceforth by a veterinary doctor. The proforma will also be shared with the State Slaughter House Monitoring Committee to ensure compliance during inspection.

The purpose of ante-mortem inspection is to ensure that the animal is

  • Adequately rested so as to provide meat fit for human consumption
  • help in isolation of diseased, suspected diseased or suspected abnormal animals
  • prevent contamination of the dressing areas, premises, equipment by animals in an excessively dirty condition
  • ensure safety of animal handlers from animals with communicable diseases
  • obtain information required for post mortem inspection

The purpose of post mortem inspection is carried out

  • to ensure detection of abnormalities so only that food is provided which is fit for human consumption
  • to carry out routine checks on the manner and the methods of handling animals, stunning, shackling and bleeding

Issue of ante- mortem certificate 

One certificate can be issued for a maximum of 12 animals /hour. The proforma will also carry the name and address of the owner or In-charge of the animal.

Ante-mortem opinion will be based on parameters like species, breed, sex, body colour, pregnancy, approximate age, gait, posture, body temperature, pulse rate, appetite, eyes, nostrils and muzzle.

The certificate will mention that animal No. ……is/are healthy and fit for slaughter


Animal No…..is/are diseased/pregnant/under aged/had recent parturition in last three months and so is/are unfit for slaughter.

Issue of post-mortem certification

Post mortem opinion will be based on parameters like species, breed, sex, body colour, approximate age, visible mucous membranes, thoracic cavity, abdominal cavity, pelvic cavity, specimen collections if any, special observations if any.

Post-mortem certificate will state that the animal No…….was/were found free from lesions/signs of zoonotic disease and the flesh is fit for human consumption.


  • Animal No….was/ were found to have lesions or infection of zoonotic disease of public health importance thus the whole carcass was/were discarded.
  • Parts of carcass were discarded and only the portion fit for human consumption was allowed to be taken out of the slaughter house.
  • Destruction of condemned carcass, organs or parts have been carried out under the supervision of the undersigned as per the provisions of IV-Part of Regulations 2011 framed under Food Safety& standards Act 2006.
  • None of the above mentioned animals were slaughtered without stunning
  • Stunning system is well-placed and effectively functional
  • None of the other animals were slaughtered in the presence of other animals
  • None of the above animals were slaughtered in the sight of the public particularly children
  • None of the animals were administered any chemical drug or hormone before slaughter, except drug for the treatment of any specific disease or ailment
  • In case of mechanised Slaughter House the animals were hung up on the conveyor only after a fixed dilated pupil confirming death has ensued. The animals until death were bled on a flat surface/ floor

The veterinary doctor will also certify that the Slaughter House

  • has adequate arrangement for pre-slaughter housing, feeding and humane handling of the animals
  • has adequate arrangement for hygiene, cleanliness, safety of public health
  • is free of rodents, flies, dogs, cats or any other source of contamination/ vectors of any disease
  • has proper arrangement for drainage and disposal of waste as per norms of the CPCB guidelines
  • has been registered/licensed by the appropriate authority under the Food Safety and Standards Regulations 2011
  • All butchers and support staff have undergone health check on date….and were found to be healthy and fit to be permitted to work in the Slaughter House.

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