Consumer alert – Unibic Foods – Hair found in Milk Coffee Cookies

Food Business Operator : Unibic Foods India Pvt.Ltd.

Product : Milk Coffee Cookies

Issue : Hair strand found

Found hair strand in UNIBIC Milk Coffee cookies

Consumer complaint : As posted in on Nov 9th by Suraj KP

I got this UNIBIC Magic Cookies box as a gift from my company. When I took the Milk Coffee cookies out from the box, I found a hair strand stuck inside the cookie, It appeared as if it was there in the dough. This clearly shows the level of safety and hygiene they maintain in their plant. If there is any quality standards defined in our country, then these people are definitely not following it.

PESPRO Comments
Manufacturer needs to follow Good Manufacturing Practices in the product unit which is specified by Food Safety and Standards Authority of India. In this case there is lapse on hygienic practices. Consumer can take this to the notice of District Designated Officer (Food Safety) of that State and file complaint against the manufacturer.

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