Food posioning deaths in India – Update Nov 9


6 deaths in family : Autopsy shows rat poison to be cause

TIRUVANNAMALAI: Forensic reports have established yellow phosphorous (rat poison) as the cause of the death of six members of a family under mysterious circumstances over the past month at Thandarai village here. (TOI on Tuesday reported that the cause of death could be poisoning).

Sources said the postmortem report of the sixth victim, Christha, 65, `clearly indicated’ that it was a case of `homicide.’ Forensic experts who conducted histopathological tests on organ samples of Christha found yellow phosphorous in the kidney and liver. It strengthened doubts that someone close to the family was behind the act.

“It is a clear case of homicide,” said a source to the postmortem. There was every possibility of the other bodies being exhumed for tests, he said.

A police team, led by additional superintendent of police (crime) Rangarajan and deputy superintendent (rural) Devanathan, landed at Thandarai colony here on Tuesday and held inquiries with at least 60 people there.They spent two hours there and took statements from family members and neighbours of the victims. The case has not been formally handed over to the police. At least 10 policemen in plain clothes have been posted in the village.

Before the death of Christha, five of her family – Christopher, 13, Vinod Kumar, 23, Nelson, 9, Krithika Merlin, 7 and Joseph, 75 – died between October 7 and 31.


Man dies of suspected food poisoning

Mathura, Nov 5 (PTI) A 72-year-old man died of suspected food poisoning after suffering from acute dysentery and vomiting at Radha Kund here, close on the heels of an outbreak of food-poisoning in the town.

However, Chief Medical Officer Vivek Mishra said Madhu Sudan Shan, who died last evening at a dharamshala here, was suffering from chronic obstructive lung disease.

“His death coincides with the food poisoning of more than 550 pilgrims who had consumed adulterated milk and milk products from community kitchens during Annakoot on Tuesday night,” he said, adding one Krishna Das (80) had died earlier.

The victim, a resident of Gosai Ghat in West Bengals Cooch Behar district, had come with his wife to Radha Kund to observe Kalpvas and was staying at the Manoranjan Banik Dharamshala.

Manager at Manoranjan Banik Dharamshala, Subaro Mupunda claimed, “He was suffering from acute dysentery and continuous vomiting. He had consumed biscuit and other food items.”

He had come here with his wife two days before Diwali, the manager said.

Following the death a medical camp was set up at the dharamshala where presently around 300 pilgrims are putting up.

“The team at the dharamshala is yet to check all the pilgrims for food related ailments. However, as a precautionary chlorination of drinking water was done,” the CMO said.

Mishra said that people have been advised to consult doctors at medical camps set up across the town.

The CMO attributed the outbreak to adulterated milk and contaminated water. Medicines have been distributed in almost all dharmshalas here.

Mishra claimed the situation was under control. The number of patients at the Goverdhan Community Health Centre has come down from 28 to six.



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