Consumer alert – Cockroaches in Lion Dates

Food Business Operator : Lion Dates Impex Pvt.Ltd.

Place : Hyderabad, AP

Product : Dates

Image result for lion dates


Issue : Cockroaches in Dates

Consumer complaint : As posted in by Chandrasekar Ratnala on Nov 9th

This is Horrible, i found small dead cockroaches in every date..we have not realized until we start consuming along with Milk..we found dead cockraoches floating in glass!!

Sad part, this is our dialy cosumption by Mom and kid. This is unrepairable for us!

Guys, i still preserve ur box and relevant details…before we take up this next level, address this ASAP..

Mail us ummediately

Complaint Status

[Nov 09, 2016] Lion Dates customer support has been notified about the posted complaint

Customer Satisfaction Rating : 2%

Complaints : 49, Resolved -: 1

PESPRO Comments ;

Consumer is advised to file complain along with the product sample to District Designated Officer (Food Safety) of your area for taking regulatory action. Please visit for more information.



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