Consumer alert – Hard plastic in Priya Gold biscuit

Food Business Operator : Priya Gold Biscuits (Manufacturer)

Product : Biscuits

Image result for priyagold biscuits

Issue : Hard plastic in biscuit

Consumer complaint : as posted by Prateek Modgil on Nov 6th in

I was having priyagold butter bite biscuit when i was eating it suddenly i found something between my teeth and tongue. when i took out i was shocked it was a solid plastic glass type piece..i was totally in shock that if i had swallowed it i could face some internal injuries or if any kid had swallowed then it would be a disaster. how could such big compny can do this..plzz help me i want to complaint about it and contact me on my email id- .

PESPRO Comments :

Dear Prateek Modgil

The manufacturer never responds to mails posted in consumer portals or mails, I advise to file a complaint with District Designated Officer (Food Safety) of your area along with evidences for taking regulatory action against the manufacturer. It is the responsibility of the manufacturer to follow Good Manufacturing Practices which can be audited only by regulatory agency.


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