Consumer Forum : FBO penalised for serving food in uncleaned plate

JAIPUR: A consumer forum has penalized a resort in Pushkar of Rs 37,000 for serving food in a uncleaned plate. The consumer said the plate on which the food served was not properly cleaned and approached the consumer court seeking compensation for mental stress and humiliation at the behest of the hotelier.

The district consumer forum has found the resort guilty of not only tarnishing the image of the pilgrim town of Pushkar but has also damaging the age old cultural ethos of the country of treating a guest as god (Atithi Devo Bhava).

The district forum has asked the resort owner to pay Rs 11,001 for causing mental stress and Rs 5,000 for his legal expenses. The forum also directed to deposit Rs 21,000 in the account of the state consumer welfare council.

The consumer forum order came on a petition by one Pavnesh Jain at the consumer forum against Ananda Spa and Resort. According to Jain, he went to the resort on November 4, 2013 to eat but the food served to him was on uncleaned plate. He reported the matter to the resort owner and he apologized for the same and the same was mentioned in the bill. He then approached the consumer forum for compensation.


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