GM crops yield low, pesticide consumption high


One thought on “GM crops yield low, pesticide consumption high

  1. Unless it comes in a international news paper public don’t perceive it as truth. It’s also unfortunate that if it happens in usa then it is a fact and if similar things happen in any other country with such anti GM data ,it will be rubbished.
    Well ,in India ,pesticide usage per se in cotton has reduced drastically except last two years owing to whitefly and pbw. The benefits the bt cotton farmer enjoyed outweigh the loss in the last 12 years. Psychological distress the farmers underwent before the bt era during the 45 -120 days was unbearable. More than yield, the protection offered by bt gave a stress free mind for farmers. But the profit gains in initial years could not be sustained in the last 5 years,mainly due to high input costs and labour chgs with non commensurable price of cotton. Probably,had the policy makers focussed bt cotton for irrigated and assured rainfall zones with lesser no of hybrids ,strictly, the set back in bt would not have been this much.
    Scientists and experienced farmers have already echoed similar views as mentioned in the NYT paper but their views have been vetoed down.
    Keeping aside these claims and counter claims if the govt raises msp by rs300 per Q ,or even 200 ,its going to be chaos at seed outlets for bt cotton. This is the reality.


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