Artificial Eggs in Ooty ?

Egg it on!

Udhagamandalam: A resident of Nilgiris found that an egg she had boiled was just plastic, on Wednesday. Yasmin Ethan Jagmag, residing inDenadukombai near Ooty, as usual boiled an egg for breakfast on Wednesday. Strangely, she found the shell harder than usual and as she began peeling it, she found the inside looked and felt very much like plastic.

“It was so strange that the shell was so hard and the inside looked like plastic. Yesterday, my egg tasted very funny,” she said.

To find out if the egg was real, she set fire to the inside and it turned to a fluid like plastic. She had bought the eggs from Ooty town. She has decided to go off eggs for some time. Susan Daniel, a writer and a resident of Ooty, after hearing about the incident, said, “I can’t survive without eggs. We need to report this matter to the officials”.

When contacted, Dr. T. Kalaivani, Designated Officer – Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu Food Safety and Drug Administration Department told TOI, “Recently when I visited Gudalur area, people reported about artificial eggs and I was told that they were bought from other state. But so far, I have not had any complaints about the eggs in town”.

“Shops selling eggs and wholesale dealer outlets will be inspected immediately. The food security inspectors have been deputed for the purpose,” she added.


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