Consumer alert – Cadbury Dairy Milk India – Degraded quality

Food Business Operator : Mondelez Foods India

Place : Rengareddy Dt, AP

Product : Cadbury Dairy Milk

Issue : White fungus

Degraded quality of the product

Consumer complaint : As posted in on Oct 20th by Regina Sanku

We purchased cadbury diary milk Rs.10 bar on 19/10/2016. Its manufacturing date is June 2016. When we opened the pack it has white fungus on it. The packaging said it is best before 12 months of packaged date. It also mentioned that temperature and humidity changes may cause the product to develop a whitish layer without affecting its fitness for consumption. But there is a difference between a whitish layer and white fungus. How can this be fit to be consumed? Very disappointing and disturbing product quality. Please look into it as it is not good for consumers health, especially when chocolates are eaten more so by children. We also posted pictures and comment on cadbury dairy milk @cadburydairymilkindia page on facebook on 19/10/2016, but they did not have it posted on the page.

PESPRO Comments :

Consumer can file complaint with District Designated Officer (Food Safety) for regulatory action.




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