Tests rule out chances of chemical eggs

The preliminary screening of samples of eggs at the Centre of Excellence in Poultry Science of Kerala Veterinary and Animal Sciences University (KVASU), Thrissur, in the wake of reports of sale of chemical or ‘Çhinese’ eggs, did not find any artificial nature in the samples. The samples were collected by the Food Safety and Standards authority from various markets in Ernakulam district.
“All the eggs were natural, but the yolks of the samples were thick,” KVASU sources said. Moreover, the egg membrane was easily identifiable because of its thickness, the sources said.
Scientists who examined the samples said since the shelf life of the eggs was comparatively less, poor storage facilities might have affected their quality and consistency. Deep frozen eggs were found to have similar consistency.
If kept for a long time, eggs may show a periodical change in consistency. Consumers may have mistaken this as Chinese or chemical egg, sources added.
The university will test samples collected from other parts of the State.
“At a time when poultry entrepreneurship is emerging as a sustainable agribusiness venture in the State, apprehensions about the poultry product may affect the industry and the livelihood of thousands of entrepreneurs, said T.P. Sethumadhavan, Director of Entrepreneurship, KVASU.
“Of the total eggs produced in the State, more than 90 per cent are from backyard sources. Though there is huge potential for organic or natural egg in the State, more than 60 per cent of the egg requirement is met from nearby States,” Dr. Sethumadhavan added.
Kerala requires an average of 75 lakh eggs a day for consumption, he said.
Samples collected from markets in Ernakulam tested by poultry science centre of KVASU.

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