Consumer alert – McDonalds Aloo Tikki leads to food poisoning

Food Business Operator : McDonalds India

Place : Vadodara, Gujarat

Product : Aloo Tikki

Image result for Mcdonalds India Aloo Tikki

Issue : Food poisoning

Consumer complaint as posted in on Oct 14th by rvnathan


I have ordered 2 Mexican Aloo Tikki and 2 McChicken from TNW Vadodara. While eating Mexican Aloo Tikki My Son said that its taste is like Burnt Oil. When I ate it I also realized the same and it tasted like kerosin oil or burnt oil. This happens when you dont change oil after too much frying and top up oil and keep frying which makes oil very poisonous.

Me and my son faced food poisoning same day. My son was admitted for 1 day. It took 3 days for complete recovery for both of us.

I frequently order from McDonald and my purchase is minimum 5000 monthly. I would say that quality has very much degraded. Reason could be an employee or store itself, no matter what it costed me 4800/- plus physical and mental stress.

I trust McDonalds for 11 years, but not any more


Complaint Status

[Oct 14, 2016] McDonald’s India customer support has been notified about the posted complaint.
Consumer rating : 1% 
Complaints : 285, Resolved : 4
PESPRO Comments:
Consumer can file complaint with District Designated Officer (Food Safety) for initiating regulatory action against McDonalds so that other consumers can be prevented from food poisoning .

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