Consumer alert – Poor quality of Taaza bread

Food Business Operator : Jagannath Food Products,

Place : Cuttack

Product : Taaza Bread

Poor quality of Taaza Bread

Issue : Fungus in bread


Poor quality of Taaza Bread

Consumer complaint : As posted by Bikash123456 in on Oct 9th

Today i purchased a Taaza Bread manufactured by Jagannath food products located at cuttack ( use best before on 12 Oct 2016 as mentioned on the packet). I found fungi on bread. I had a word with the manufacturer regarding the same, behavior of the executive was totally disappointed.FSSAI LICENSE NUMBER: 12013034000300. Refer attached images for clarification.

PESPRO Comments :

Photo clearly shows fungus growth in the bread. Manufacturer will try to get back the sample from you for an exchange. Consumer can contact District Designated Officer (Food Safety) of Cuttack dt. and file complaint so that manufacturer follows Good Manufacturing Practices.



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