Pearl Beverages (P) Ltd not following Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) – Video

Complaint as registered in by kirangnt on Oct 7th

Place : Guntur, AP

1.Over macthurization Pepsi had filled go and check syrup and line records from since DEC to JUNE-16 records carefully.
2.They are brining raw water tankers from outside See the CC photoges from DEC-15
3.Raw water samples are falling in heavy meters from since 3years we had given complaint but in records the values are manipulating and saving that old values check the file outside analysis record carefully.
4.PH not maintained in Aquafina, go and check the shelf life bottle through that we will get proof.
5.Paramix in Pepsi was sending to ready syrup tank through manually by using buckets this will not allowed in quality but allowing.

Watch video :

PESPRO Comments:

The complainant has highlighted the manufacturer not following Good Manufacturing Practices(GMP) in their production unit and manipulating records . This forum can not help to solve this issue and I advise to file complaint with Guntur District Designated Officer (Food Safety) for thorough investigation and regulatory action based on the findings.


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