Consumer alert – Dabur Pineapple Real juice – contaminated

Food Business Operator : Dabur India

Image result for dabur logo

Place : Raigad, Maharashtra

Product : Pine apple  Real Juice in Tetrapack

Issue : White filthy substance in Juice

Consumer complaint as posted by Komal Tiwari on Oct 9th in

The Real pineapple 1ltr tetra pack juice of Dabur is contaminated.
I cosumed 1 glass juice in morning and by the evening I really had very bad stomache-ache.
Next day when I opened the pack I found juice smelling very bad, I poured it in a glass and found some white and filthy substance in it.

Please explain as how can Dabur state this product good for health?
mfd. date – 04-07-16

komal tiwari
mob no.- 996780807

Customer Care rating : 0%

Complaint : 85, Resolved : 0

PESPRO comments :

Komal Tiwari, The manufacturer-Dabur will not respond to such postings here. Register your complaint directly in their customer care call no, or mail. Their rating is 0% in responding to consumers complaint, I suggest to file complaint with the District Designated Officer (Food Safety) of your district along with the sample.


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