FSSAI launches food concern portal for consumers to share feedback

In a move aimed at making food business operators (FBO) more responsible in their outreach to the customers, the Food Safety Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has launched a portal on which customers can share their feedback about the packaged food they purchase and the service they got from a retail outlet or a restaurant. The portal’s homepage reads Share Your Concern.

For packaged food, the portal lists ten points. These include date of expiry missing, batch number missing, green dot (symbolising vegetarian food) or red dot (symbolising non-vegetarian food) identification missing, FSSAI licence number not printed, nutritional information missing or incomplete, damaged or puffed pack, adulterant found, dust, insect or fungus found, fake product or any other concern.

The consumers can click pictures of the products, write descriptions of the matter and subimt it to FSSAI online with the mention of the kind of food. Food premises could be related to fruit and vegetable shops, dairy or meat shops, retail outlets and small dhabas.

A senior FSSAI official said, “There is a separate list of codes for these places. If the consumer feels that any of the codes are violated by FBO, he/she can share it with us, and we will take appropriate action. Once all the details are provided, concerns will be shared with the nearest food safety officer (FSO) for further follow-up.”

The portal’s welcome note stated, “Towards securing national food safety, FSSAI wishes to bring each citizen on board to share their concerns regarding food safety violations. This portal allows consumers to share their concerns, know their rights, track the authenticity of food business operators’ licences/registration certificates and view related articles/videos on food safety.”

Consumers can also use FSSAI’s mobile application for the purpose. Besides, the food safety concern portal also helps the consumer identify the FBO through its license or registration number and check whether the FBO is following the code of practices or not. The portal also talks about some basic hygiene tips used for food preparation.



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