Consumer alert : Rancid Walnut

Food Business Operator : Parichay Departmental Store P Ltd.

Place : Borivili West, Mumbai

Product : Walnut

Issue :  Rancid Walnut


Rancid WalnutsRancid WalnutsRancid Walnuts

Consumer complaint : as posted by Maushami Desai on Sept 29th in

I had on 7th August 2016, purchased a 250 gm packet of Walnuts from Parichay Dept. Store Pvt. Ltd (Pickadilly Hyper Market), having its address at Shop No.1/2, Madhav Apt., Shimpoli road, Kasturpark, Borivali (West), Mumbai 400 092. The packing date on the packet was of August 2016 and best before 3 months from packing. During the purchase of the said product there were no such traces or signs of it being spoilt or rancid and the packet was also air tight and intact. I had also stored the said packet in a air tight container at home. As the expiry date was for 3 months I had stored it after purchase and when I removed the same after around 1 month 20 days, I was shocked to see that fungus was developed inside the intact packet and it had turned green. Immediately the next day I visited the store and showed the store supervisor and showed him the said packet. The supervisor refused to replace the same and blamed me for the same.

PESPRO Comments:

Consumer can represent this matter along with the product purchased and lodge a complaint with District Designated Officer (Food Safety) oftheir district from where it was purchased.


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