Consumer alert – Osia Hypermart – Poor quality Dalwada Khiru

Food Business Operator : Osia Hypermart

Image result for osia hypermarket ahmedabad gujarat

Place: Ahmedabad

Product : Dalwada Khiru

Image result for dalwada khiru

Issue : Poor quality

Consumer complaint : as posted in by CA PAresh Modi on Spet 28th

I have purchased 1 kg Dalwada Khiru from Ocia Hypermart at Motera, Chandkheda, Ahmedabad and after preparing one or two pieses, i feel odd taste like khiru was outdated and expired so, suddenly i gave back to store and complaint for the same but, they are not ready to listen single plea and they neither replaced nor returned money to me. I therefore request you to kindly, get sample of the khirus and check on your side.

PESPRO Comments:

It is consumers responsibility to check the label for Expiry dates before they buy. It is not clear whether packing label was there to verify it. If the quality is poor as claimed by the consumer he can clodge complaint with Ahmedabad District Designated Officer (Food Safety) along with the sample, bill etc.




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