An Aeronautical Engineer Turns Teacher for Those Interested in Taking Up Farming

Prabumj's Blog

Paramu from Dindigul in Tamil Nadu has big plans from little seeds.
Farmer's Notebook.

At a time when even hardcore farmers are finding it difficult to sustain themselves and are discouraging their children from taking up agriculture, a 24-year-old engineer in Dindigul, Tamil Nadu, is doing his best to buck the trend. Parameshwaran, or  Paramu as he is referred to by his friends, was doing a Masters in aeronautical engineering when he decided to become a farmer and get his hands ‘soiled’. What is surprising is that he does not own even a patch of land.

Why did he choose this risky, unpredictable vocation when he could have easily worked in a private company and earned thousands of rupees as salary? Paramu shares his thoughts in an informal chat in his own words:

“I had been pursuing aeronautical engineering, final year in 2012 when I thought that I would be working only for privileged people after my graduation. I discontinued my education and started to do all kinds…

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