Consumer alert – McDonalds – Non-Veg traces found in McAloo Tikki Burger

Food Business Operator : McDonalds India

Image result for mcdonalds india

Place : Mumbai City

Product : McAloo Tikki Burger

Image result for mcaloo tikki burger

Issue : Non-Veg Traces found

Consumer complaint : As posted in by Rahul Kismatrao  on Sept 19th

I’m Rahul Khismatrao from Mumbai and this to inform you about the traces of non-veg & toxic ingredients found in Mc Aloo Tikki burger. I am a pure  vegetarian person. I tested the burger in one of the food testing laboratory
and found traces of non-veg inside the food. Also we found some toxic ingredients in it.
India is a very cultural country and McDonald’s is responsible for destroying our culture and religion. I will find out best available lawyer in Mumbai and file a complaint against you. I am also filing a complaint to FSSAI and consumer forums so that India should know how you are destroying our religion. I’m writing this just to tell you stop serving wrong food to Indians. We really respect our religion. I will be taking this issue to media along with all necessary evidences.
Guys, please don’t eat McDonald’s food. They also contain toxic ingredients. Support us in banning McDonald’s in India. We have got best lawyer from India and a case against them will be filed. Already faxed the same matter to McDonald’s India.



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