Consumer alert – Toxic ingredients in Coke

Consumer complaint as posted in by Rahul Khismtrao on Sept 10th

I’m Rahul from Mumbai and I am writing this to inform about the toxic ingredients found in coke. Our team is creating online campaigns and petitions to make Indians aware about the toxic ingredients in Coca-Cola products and also make them aware about the difference between the manufacturing price and selling price of coke bottle.
According to our sources, 300 ml coke bottle costs 0.01 $ and if we consider the average cost of 300 ml coke bottle then it costs around 12 ₹ in India, so the profit is 1700%. The world really wants to know this.
Also there are many toxic elements present in Coca-Cola that are banned in certain countries and also United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) banned some ingredients but still there traces are found in coke. They include

1. Monosodium Glutamate (sodium glutamate) – Used as a food enhancer. It causes severe headache

2. Brominated Vegetable Oil – FDA declared BVO as interim food. BVO is banned in Europe and many parts of the world. On May, 2015, Coca-Cola said they will remove BVO but yet no actions are taken.

3. High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFSA) – Caloric sweetner derived from corn. Free fructose goes inside the body and turns on factory of fat production known as lipogenesis in liver. As a result our liver gets fat which can lead to diabetes. It can also cause diseases like dementia, cancer, heart disease. HFCS is extracted from chloralkali process which contains mercury. Daily consumption of coke can therefore accumulate heavy metals in our body.

4. Phosphoric acid – It is the acidifying agent that gives tartness to the coke. It can cause dermatitis, breathing and swallowing problems. Human body daily needs only 700 mg of phosphoric acid but small can of coke of approximately 12 ounces contains almost 40 mg of phosphoric acid. According to LPI report, the average intake of phosphorous in woman was 1024 mg and in man was 1495 mg in 2007.

5. Caffeine – It raise blood pressure and increases risk of heart attack mostly in young adults. There is 25-35 mg caffeine found in 335 ml coca cola bottle.

Coca-Cola is banned in Cuba and North Korea. Online Campaigns like Killer, org are campaigning to ban coke.
Support us on twitter #BanCocaCola


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