Food Safety News – India updates – Sept 8th

Naivaidya’s sweet labelled ‘sub-standard’ by FDA

RAIPUR: In its latest sampling of a sweet product of Chhattisgarh’s prominent sweet supplier chain of ‘Naivaidya’, Food and Drugs department has labelled one of its product as “substandard” as per provisions of food and safety standard Act.

Based on a complaint filed by Sanjeev Agrawal, a sealed box of ‘anjeer barfi’, purchased from Naivaidya food product at Shastri Market was received by the food and drugs department on August 23. After testing, the ‘anjeer barfi’ was found unfit for consumption as it contained fibres, vegetable stalks and sand particles.

Complainant Sanjeev said he had bought a packet of sweets which tasted bad and looked stale, following which he bought another box and submitted the sealed pack to the department.

“As the substandard product comes from one of the very prominent brands of sweet products in state, I am going to file a petition at court as well as a complaint in consumer forum,” Sanjeev said.

Another application filed by Sanjeev on August 23 was of KLF Nirmal Pure Coconut Oil which looked creamy in appearance and was sent to food and drugs department.The department officials labelled it as ‘sub-standard too as per the standards of food and safety standards Act.

    Sweet samples collected

    VADODARA: Food safety officers of the Vadodara Municipal Corporation cracked down on shops selling varieties of sweets widely consumed during Ganpati festival.
    On Thursday, officers collected six samples of sweets and one of edible oil from shops in Sayajigunj, Jubelibaug and railway station areas. The officers had checked shops on the New VIP Road, Karelibaug and Makarpura Road areas of the city on Wednesday. The samples will be sent to the public health laboratory of the VMC for analysis. The officers have been checking samples of ‘boondi’, ‘motichoor laddus’, and ‘modaks’



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