Consumer alert – Patanjali products – Amla, Aloe Vera juice leads to food poisoning

Food Business Operator : Patanjali Ayurved

Place : New Delhi

Product : Amla and Aloe Vera juice

Issue : Food poisoning 

Consumer complaint :

as posted by mathuramaurya10 in on Sept 6th 
I bought patanjali amla and aloe vera product on 1st sep. 2016 and i started taking them.
Amla :-batch no gh846 mfd 05/2016
Aloe vera:-batch no. n-gd1093 mfd05/2016
After 3 days when i started taking them i fell ill. it was dairrhoea. i checked everything whatever i eat and finally i got that patanjali amla and aloe vera juice is responsible for it. ever since i stopped taking them i m feeling better. the same thing was happened about a month ago and i saw to doctor. he told me it was diarrhea. i checked everything. and i noticed few fungus inside the bottle cap of patanjali amla juice. i stopped using it. after a month same thing was happening. i got to the shop from where i bought them. the shopkeeper told to call patanjali customer care. i called them even i mailed them. but they are continuously busy on another call. they are not paying attention towards my complain. see, i need to take amla and aloe vera so l believed in patanjali product but when i got problem they are not listening.

Complaint Status

[Sep 06, 2016] Patanjali Ayurved customer support has been notified about the posted complaint

PESPRO Comments 

Consumer is advised to file complaint with the area District Designated Officer (Food Safety)


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