Roof Top Vegetable Garden – Do It Yourself ::::::::: வீட்டு மேல் தள காய்கறி தோட்டம் – நீங்களே செய்து பாருங்கள்


It’s totally fun and healthy to grow your own vegetables at home. A small balcony, terrace or porch will do. Here’s an easy how-to-guide to high density organic farming. Now, don’t let any of these terms scare you. We are just trying to say that you can grow a LOT in a small space without needing too many things at hand or a lot of time on your hands! 

Apply to get “Do It Yourself ” Kit   online

This Scheme is for Chennai and Coimbatore Residents Only

RoofTop-Kitchen-DIY-page-000RoofTop-Kitchen-DIY-page-E001 RoofTop-Kitchen-DIY-page-E002 RoofTop-Kitchen-DIY-page-E003 RoofTop-Kitchen-DIY-page-E004 RoofTop-Kitchen-DIY-page-E005 RoofTop-Kitchen-DIY-page-E006 RoofTop-Kitchen-DIY-page-E007 RoofTop-Kitchen-DIY-page-E008 RoofTop-Kitchen-DIY-page-E009 RoofTop-Kitchen-DIY-page-E010 RoofTop-Kitchen-DIY-page-E011 RoofTop-Kitchen-DIY-page-E012 RoofTop-Kitchen-DIY-page-E013 RoofTop-Kitchen-DIY-page-E014 RoofTop-Kitchen-DIY-page-E015 RoofTop-Kitchen-DIY-page-E016 RoofTop-Kitchen-DIY-page-E017 RoofTop-Kitchen-DIY-page-P001 RoofTop-Kitchen-DIY-page-P002 RoofTop-Kitchen-DIY-page-P003 RoofTop-Kitchen-DIY-page-P004 RoofTop-Kitchen-DIY-page-P005 RoofTop-Kitchen-DIY-page-P006 RoofTop-Kitchen-DIY-page-T001 RoofTop-Kitchen-DIY-page-T002 RoofTop-Kitchen-DIY-page-T003 RoofTop-Kitchen-DIY-page-T004 RoofTop-Kitchen-DIY-page-T005 RoofTop-Kitchen-DIY-page-T006 RoofTop-Kitchen-DIY-page-T007 RoofTop-Kitchen-DIY-page-T008 RoofTop-Kitchen-DIY-page-T009 RoofTop-Kitchen-DIY-page-T010 RoofTop-Kitchen-DIY-page-T011 RoofTop-Kitchen-DIY-page-T012 RoofTop-Kitchen-DIY-page-T013 RoofTop-Kitchen-DIY-page-T014 RoofTop-Kitchen-DIY-page-T015


7 thoughts on “Roof Top Vegetable Garden – Do It Yourself ::::::::: வீட்டு மேல் தள காய்கறி தோட்டம் – நீங்களே செய்து பாருங்கள்

    • If you are in Kanchipuram dt, you can attend one day training @ Kaatupakkam, on March 7th regarding terrace gardening. Contact,Professor & Head Krishi Vigyan Kendra Near SRM university Ph:044-27452371. Similar trainings will be conducted at your district too. Please contact your District Deputy Director of Horticulture for guiding you on this.


  1. Dear Senthilkumar
    Thanks for your interest . Please contact your Block Horticultural Dept.official / Asst.Director of Agriculture in this regard.


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