Delicious Adai & Avial – Recipe

Adai Aviyal is one of the famous South Indian traditional breakfast dish. Aviyal goes very well with Adai. This Aviyal is little different from the Aviyal , I make for the lunch. I add curd instead of tamarind here. Next time when you have any guest for the breakfast, try adai aviyal instead of conventional idly/dosa and I am sure they will appreciate this dish. You can also try this for an evening snack though its heavy.



The Following Videos are Self Explanatory: Make and Eat Hot Hot with Your Family .

How to Make Adai

How to Make Avial 


3 thoughts on “Delicious Adai & Avial – Recipe

  1. Thanks for this Delicious Recipe

    This is wonderful mixed Vegetables (Avial)and the Balanced Roast of Adai Recipes

    It was mouthwatering.

    I wonder why we go after Pizzaa and Kachchaa when we have such a tasty traditional recipes .

    Please continue to give such Recipes and other useful posts


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