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24 July 2016


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தினம் ஒரு குறள்


அதிகாரம்/Chapter/Adhigaram: அலர் அறிவுறுத்தல்/The Announcement of the Rumour/Alararivuruththal 115
இயல்/ChapterGroup/Iyal: களவியல்/The Pre-marital love/Kalaviyal 12
பால்/Section/Paal: காமத்துப்பால்/Love/Kaamaththuppaal 3

குறள் 1148:

நெய்யால் எரிநுதுப்பேம் என்றற்றால் கெளவையால்
காமம் நுதுப்பேம் எனல்.

கலைஞர் உரை:

ஊரார் பழிச்சொல்லுக்குப் பயந்து காதல் உணர்வு அடங்குவது என்பது, எரிகின்ற தீயை நெய்யை ஊற்றி அணைப்பதற்கு முயற்சி செய்வதைப் போன்றதாகும்.

மு.வ உரை:

அலர் கூறுவதால் காமத்தை அடக்குவோம் என்று முயலுதல், நெய்யால் நெருப்பை அவிப்போம் என்று முயல்வதைப் போன்றது.

சாலமன் பாப்பையா உரை:

இந்த ஊரார் தங்கள் அலரால் எங்கள் காதலை அழித்து விடுவோம் என்று எண்ணுவது, நெய்யை ஊற்றியே நெருப்பை அணைப்போம் என்பது போலாம்.



With butter-oil extinguish fire! ‘Twill prove
Harder by scandal to extinguish love.


To say that one could extinguish passion by rumour is like extinguishing fire with ghee.


Consumer alert – Plastic in Dominos Pizza

Food Business Operator : Dominos Pizza, Koperkhaine, Navi Mumbai

Product : Pizza

Issue : Plastic in Pizza

Consumer complaint :

An hopeless experience from your store in koperkhairne. Navi mumbai.
Pizza came with raw vegetables, no salt and most of all a piece of plastic in my 8 yrs old daughters pizza.
Had a word with your hotline complaint number and he connected me to the store manager who said we makes so many pizza and y only your order has problem. Use less talking to him, and in the end he says you can go ahead and complain.
Very upset to hear that.
Ordered at 9.18pm and received order on exact 30 min. Called for complain about 10.15 pm

Order no.149 amounting to rs.1315.

Kmddatta75 posted on July 21, as posted in http://www.consumercomplaints .in

Complaint status :

July 22, Dominos Pizza  Customer support has been notified about the posted complaint.

Customer Satisfaction rating :

Complaints : 2587, Responses – 0, Resolved – 37


Registration Committee monitors Pesticides usage

K9166-1i.jpg (29951 bytes)

The government has set up a Registration Committee (RC) under Insecticides Act, 1968 which registers pesticides after considering the data on different parameters like chemistry, bio-efficacy, toxicity, packaging and processing to ensure efficacy and safety to human beings and animals, the Rajya Sabha was informed today. 

In a written reply, Minister of State for Agriculture and Farmers Welfare Sudarshan Bhagat said, ”There are 272 technical pesticides registered under Insecticides Act, 1968 which has been enacted to regulate the import, manufacture, sale, transport, distribution and use of insecticides with a view to prevent risk to human beings or animals and for matters connected therewith.” If pesticides are used as per approved label claims, they do not cause any hazard to human beings, live-stock among others, he said. 
The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India fixes Maximum Residues Limits of specific crops. No pesticide is registered without fixation of “Maximum Residue Limit” for the crop on which it is intended to be used, Mr Bhagat informed. 
Also, the Central government has started a scheme “Monitoring of Pesticide Residues at National Level” under which samples of food commodities are collected and analysed for the presence of pesticide residues, Mr Bhagat said. Implementation of the Insecticides Act , 1968 is the responsibility of both, Central and State governments. 
The Centre is responsible for registration of insecticides whereas, the state governments are responsible for enforcement of the provisions relating to sale, transport, distribution and use of insecticides. The Central and state governments are jointly responsible for quality control, Mr Bhagat informed.

Consumer alert : Patanjali cow ghee found defective

Food Business Operator : Patanjali Ayurved

Product : Ghee

Issue :Stone particles found

Consumer complaint :

This is to inform you that i have purchased two packets of 500ml cow ghee from rudrapur main market, while using ghee we found stones type particles in both packets, i dont know how the ghee making process going on, it shows carelessness in food products manufacturing.
For your reference please find below the packet details :-
Patanjali cow ghee
500ml packing
Batch no. Kd717 jun16
Mrp 235/-

Please do the needful in such type of serious cases. Prompt action required

Lokendra kumar

as posted in http://www.consumercomplaints.in

Complaint Status

[Jul 22, 2016] Patanjali Ayurved customer support has been notified about the posted complaint.

Students complain of worms in school canteen food

Indore: Officials of food and drug department found worms in the food offered to students in canteen of a city school at Nipania on Wednesday. Acting on a complaint filed by fathers of two students, the department officials led by food safety officer Manish Swami inspected the canteen of Choithram School north campus at the morning.

We had received a complaint that there were worms in the canteen food, which is detrimental to the students’ health., We took a sample of the dal and found worms in it,” said Swami.