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  28 May  2015


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Thirukkural – திருக்குறள்

அதிகாரம்/Chapter/Adhigaram: நட்பாராய்தல்/Investigation in forming Friendships/Natpaaraaidhal 80 இயல்/ChapterGroup/Iyal: நட்பியல்/Friendship/Natpiyal 10 பால்/Section/Paal: பொருட்பால்/Wealth/Porutpaal 2
குறள் 794
குடிப்பிறந்து தன்கண் பழிநாணு வானைக்
கொடுத்தும் கொளல்வேண்டும் நட்பு
மு.வ உரை:
உயர்ந்த குடியில் பிறந்து, தன்னிடத்தில் வருகின்றப் பழிக்கு நாணுகின்றவனைப் பொருள் கொடுத்தாவது நட்பு கொள்ளவேண்டும்.
Couplet 794
Who, born of noble race, from guilt would shrink with shame,
Pay any price so you as friend that man may claim
The friendship of one who belongs to a (good) family and is afraid of (being charged with) guilt, is worth even purchasing
Kutippirandhu Thankan Pazhinaanu Vaanaik
Kotuththum Kolalventum Natpu
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PFA- Gauhati HC -CRP – Turmeric powder substandard case – Uttam Kumar Sureka Vs State of Assam – 3.8.2012


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FSS Act – Jharkhand HC – substandard Paneer sample – Pradeep Kumar Modi Alias Pradeep … vs The State Of Jharkhand And Ors on 12 May, 2014

                     Cr. M. P. No. 811 of 2014

           Pradeep Kumar Modi @ Pradeep Modi  .... ... Petitioner
           The State of Jharkhand and others .... ... Opp. Parties

           For the Petitioner        : Mr. Pradeep Modi, Advocate
           For the State             : A.P.P.


Learned counsel for the petitioner submits that it is the case of the complainant that the Food Safety Officer raided the canteen being run by Ranchi Club Limited and collected the sample of Paneer, which was sent before the Public Analyst. Upon analysis, that Paneer was found of sub-standard quality. Thereupon after having sanction for prosecution, prosecution report was submitted upon which cognizance of the offences was taken against the petitioner, who at the relevant point of time was the Honorarium Secretary of the Club, without there being any allegation regarding he being in-charge or responsible to day to day affairs of the canteen. In absence of such allegation and also in absence of the Club being made accused, the court has taken cognizance of the offences punishable under Sections 51, 59(I) read with Section 3(zx), 3(zz)(v)(vi) of the Food Safety and Standard Act, 2006 and thereby the court has committed illegality in view of the decision rendered in a case of Anita Hada Vs. Godfather Travel {(2012) 5 SCC 661}.

In view of the submission, let notice be issued to the opposite party nos. 2 and 3 to show cause as to why this application be not admitted and/ or if possible be disposed of at the stage of admission itself. Requisites etc. under registered cover with acknowledgment due must be filed by Friday.

Let this case be listed under the same heading on appearance of the opposite party nos. 2 and 3.

(R.R. Prasad, J.)

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பூச்சிகொல்லிகளை குறைக்க ஒருங்கிணைந்த பாதுகாப்பு முறைகள்


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110 persons hospitalised after meal


More than 100 people were hospitalised on Tuesday after they had food at an engagement ceremony in Giridharanahalli in Madhugiri taluk of Tumakuru district. District Health Officer Shashikala told The Hindu that “In the evening, after eating the food that was prepared in the morning people complained of stomach ache and vomiting.”

They were admitted to three hospitals. While 30 were sent to Madhugiri taluk hospital, 10 were admitted in Tumakuru district government hospital and 70 in Thovinakere PHC. Dr. Shashikala said all of them are out of danger. The district surveillance officer has been sent to Giridharanahalli to collect food samples.




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Victims of mushroom poisoning stable

Staff at Yen Minh District’s General Hospital attending to one of the victims of food poisoning that was caused by wild mushroom consumption. – VNA/VNS Photo


The conditions of 20 people hospitalised after consuming toxic mushrooms have been stable and no casualties have been reported, a health official said.

The head of the Health Department of Ha Giang Province, Luong Viet Thuan, noted that the residents of Ngoc Long Commune, Yen Minh District, were poisoned after they ate toxic mushrooms.

At about 11:40am yesterday, after piling maize, 20 people in Ban Doan Village, Ngoc Long commune, Yen Minh District, gathered at Nguyen Van La family’s house for lunch. The menu included wild mushrooms they had collected from forest.

Two hours after lunch, all the 20 people began complaining of similar symptoms: stomach ache, nausea, and diarrhoea. They were immediately rushed to Ngoc Long commune’s medical centre.

Following the instruction of the provincial Health Department, Yen Minh District’s medical centre and relevant authorities quickly inspected the lunch venue and collected samples for medical tests.

“Three ambulances were mobilised and the victims were quickly transferred to the hospital,” said Pham Van Anh, the Director of Yen Minh District’s General Hospital.

“The oldest among the victims is 45 years old whereas the youngest is 16 years old,” the doctor added.

Treatment procedures for the victims were exactly in line with Ha Noi-based Bach Mai Hospital’s therapy: stomach cleaning, fluid transfusion, providing patients with activated carbon and diuretic and poison-resistant drugs.

By 10pm, all the victims recovered, with their blood pressure within normal levels.

Over the past years, Ha Giang has witnessed quite a few cases of food poisoning, reported online news site These still occur despite local authorities’ efforts to raise public awareness thanks to their economic difficulties as well as the poor understanding and living practices of local people.

According to the provincial Food Safety and Hygiene Steering Committee, tens of food poisoning cases are registered each year, mostly from eating wild mushrooms and mouldy maize powder.

In 2014 alone, the province recorded eight cases of food poisoning; and a total of 37 people were affected, of which 9 died. –


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PFA-Chandigarh CJM – selling food articles without license – State Vs Harish Kumar Chawla – 15.11.2011

4900001120070431615112011-page-0014900001120070431615112011-page-0024900001120070431615112011-page-003 4900001120070431615112011-page-005





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Central Information Commission – Baljit Singh vs Government Of Nct Of Delhi on 25 November, 2014

(Room No.315, B­ Wing, August Kranti Bhawan, Bhikaji Cama Place, 
                        New Delhi 110 066)


           Complainant                        :       Baljeet Singh

           Respondent                         :       Food safety Dept., GNCTD
           Date of hearing                            :          24.11.2014

           Date of decision                           :          25.11.2014

Information Commissioner : Prof. M. Sridhar Acharyulu
                          (Madabhushi Sridhar)

Referred Sections                             : Section 18 of the RTI Act

Result                                        : Complaint allowed/
                                                Disposed of

Heard on 24.11.14.    Complainant present.  Respondent is represented by  Shri Shyam Lal and one more official.

2. The complainant has filled RTI application on 18.9.2013 for seeking name  of the applicants/firms/companies along with their business addresses and email  addresses who have applied for license under the Food Safety & Standards Act,  2006 and the Rules and Regulations made there under. The CPIO on 3.10.2013  replied that the requisite information is not available in the form desired. Being  (CIC/SA/C/2014/000022)  unsatisfied with the information provided, the complainant made complaint before  the commission.

3. During   the   hearing,   the   Respondent   assured   the   Commission   that  information   regarding   the   name   of   the   licencee,   licence   No.   date   of   issue   of  licence, location of the licencee will be supplied as per records to the Complainant  within three weeks.

4. The   Commission   after   hearing   the   submissions   made   recommends   the  Public Authority to place the details on its website as per sec.4(1)(b) of the RTI Act  and submit a compliance report to the Commission within one month of receipt of  this order.

5. The Commission ordered accordingly.

Sd/­  (M. Sridhar Acharyulu) Information Commissioner

Authenticated true copy  (Babu Lal) Dy. Registrar (CIC/SA/C/2014/000022) 

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